10 things to make with that old jumper

28 Jan 2016

New jumper for Christmas? Well it might be time to part with that old faithful jumper you’ve had for years, but don’t ditch it completely, as we have some crafty ideas to turn that old sweater into a new much loved item instead. We’re all for a bit of recycling!


This brilliant idea from Thoughts from Alice, saves you knitting for days and looks great using a cable knit jumper if you have one.


Image and tutorial: Thoughts from Alice

Pet bed

Dog beds can be expensive and likely to get torn to pieces and smelly after a while, so creating a new fresh one from an old sweater is a very thrifty idea.


Image and tutorial: Woman’s Day

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Especially good for polo neck jumpers, this DIY from Lisa Joy is a great up-cycle and especially useful if you have an old cashmere jumper, as it will be really cosy and soft to cuddle up to when the bed is chilly.


Image and tutorial: Lisa Joy

Braided hair band

This is not just a good use of an old jumper, from Alisa Burke, but would make good use of lots of old knitted or fabric items, such as shirts or skirts.


Image and tutorial: Alisa Burke

Cushion Cover

There are lots of different tutorials for making a cushion from an old jumper or cardigan, but this is one of our favourites, as we liked how it used the hem for the envelope style cover. They’ve used a cable knit jumper as this really adds texture, but really any old sweater will do.


Image and tutorial: Country Living

Hoop Bag

This bag looks rather professional, it’s fully lined and we love the funky video. Janesh makes it look rather easy and there’s not as much sewing as you might think.


Image and tutorial: Janesh at Sustainable Patch


A really nice tutorial from Crème de la Craft, for these lovely bright mittens you can probably make a couple from a large sweater. So you and your kids/partner/pet can have matching ones.


Image and tutorial: Crème de la Craft


A few different styles to choose from on the Make it & Love it blog. Really simple tutorials, and if you already have a beanie hat or something similar, it would be very easy to copy the size when flat to make sure it fits.


Image and tutorial: Make it & Love it

Lamp Shade

You never would have thought this would work, but this lampshade from Farm Fresh Therapy is a great idea to put new life into an old lampshade and keep that favourite sweater in your life.


Image and tutorial: Farm Fresh Therapy

Guinea Pig Jumper

O come on! If we had a guinea pig, we would totally do this… This can be made from just one sleeve, so if you have a pair of guinea pigs, they can have matching jumpers. Oh golly…


Image: Knitters Row

Have a lovely weekend!

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