Sustainable Fibre Alliance

We are pround to be members of the SFA, which encourages the adoption of responsible production practises, better for people/animals and limits the environmental impact of cashmere production. The SFA’s Rangeland Stewardship Code of Practice ensures that rangelands are managed in a way that minimises the risk of pasture degradation and protects wildlife.


The SFA Animal Husbandry Code of Practice helps to monitor and improve welfare practices of Mongolia’s nomadic herders, while our new joint code of practice with ICCAW will target farm-based cashmere production in Inner Mongolia. Both codes of practice are based on the internationally recognised Five Freedoms of animal welfare. Freedom from hunger/thirst, discomfort, pain, fear & to express normal behaviour. Why go SFA? 


The Sustainable Fibre Alliance that allows monitored transparent practices for all stages of the production process, as we call it “From Goat, to Garment”. Looking at not just the production but the entire system in place to increase the efforts of the environmental landscape, from Animal Welfare to Herder Wellbeing.  

Adopting this practice isn’t a trend but a necessary initiative to ensure the longevity of ethical, sustainable Cashmere production. Other companies have also followed suit such as LVMH, John Lewis and M&S. Knowing that more needs to be done and ever improving our sustainable footprint in an industry that can help our planet prosper.

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Sustainable Fibre Alliance

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