Pioneers in naturally sustainable yarns since 1989.

It's an uncomfortable truth that the fashion industry is one of the world's largest polluters (1).
Cheap synthetic clothes made from plastic have replaced healthy natural yarns. A pile of clothes the size of Mount Everest is thrown away across the globe every seven minutes (2).
We now expect to pay less for our clothes than it costs to make them.
Clearly this has to change.
And we want to be part of that change.

Since 1989 we have only used natural yarns such as cashmere, wool and cotton that biodegrade over time.
We don’t use cheap synthetics such as polyester and acrylic as they are made from crude oil and pollute our food chain with their tiny fibres (3).
We’ve always produced clothes that are made to last. Gorgeous hand-me-downs that will make you happy for years to come.
And our pricing is fair. Healthy natural yarns for the price of a synthetic look-a-like.

We are pioneers in doing the right thing when it comes to your clothing. We don’t wear halos, but we are doing what we can to help you make informed choices.
Join us on our journey to a more sustainable and natural lifestyle.





Caring for

the planet

To help you with a more sustainable lifestyle,
we have a selection of great ideas to stop
microfibre pollution, save energy and help
make your favourite knits last even longer.