The Marvel of Merino

11 Oct 2016

Originating in Spain, and prized for it’s exceptionally evolved fleece, the Merino sheep was introduced to Australia in 1797. Selective breeding by Australian farmers further evolved the breed, resulting in sheep that produce fantastically fine and soft wool.

Wonderfully smart, and not just in an aesthetic sense, Merino is perhaps the most intelligent, most hard-working all-natural fibre. With unique, beneficial properties, which follow through to the garments crafted from it, merino is truly a marvelous material.

Fine and flexible

Fine and silken, merino fibres can brilliantly bend much more than other wools. This natural elasticity means that merino crafted pieces can beautifully stretch with the wearer and easily return to their original form. This property makes merino a smart choice for busy, active lives.


Womens 100% Merino Button Side Jumper

Warming. Cooling. Breathable.

Reactive to your body temperature, merino is a hygroscopic material; it can absorb and release water vapour appropriately. Essentially, it a breathable, all-natural fibre, which will keep you cool when you’re hot, and warm when you’re not.

Low maintenance

Merino is a moisture wicking material, meaning it moves moisture away from your body when you’re on the go. It even absorbs odours associated with perspiration, releasing them only during washing.

Merino knitwear actually requires little washing as it is more or less, naturally stain repellent. When you do come to freshen up your merino essentials, you can rest easy knowing most of our merino styles are fully machine washable.


Mens 100% Merino Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

It can help you sleep better

Yes, really! As it regulates your body temperature, it can help regulate your heartbeat, thus help you sleep better. Told you, merino is very smart!

It is beautiful

Sleek and naturally elegant, merino is wonderful for crafting modern, drapey styles, which flow and beautifully follow the line of the body. Once dyed, colours become colourfast within it, and it is available in a vast array of textures, weaves and weights.

Our new and superb, fine-gauge merino styles for both men and women are smooth and smart, perfect for adding sophistication to your everyday. Our Milano-knit capsule collection tells more of the marvel of merino. These timelessly stylish classics cleverly hold and flatter, creating svelte silhouettes.


Womens 100% Merino V Neck Long Line Jumper

C James

Please, please, please, please bring back the cashmere scoop neck jumper, I have three and wish to buy more but you seem to have stopped selling them. Thank you

13 Nov 2016 09:59

Hello there, our Cashmere & Merino Scoop Neck Jumper is still available in a number of colours and sizes here: Thanks, The WoolOvers Team.

14 Nov 2016 11:03
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