Suits hue, Sir!

30 Mar 2017

The clocks have sprung forward, the blossom is blooming, and the sun is shining (well, a little bit); spring has finally arrived! Newness is everywhere and colour has come back.


But what about your wardrobe; is it spring-ready? Does it need a new lease of life? Perhaps a dash of colour will do it good?

If the thought of adding a vibrant hue to your somewhat austere wardrobe terrifies you a little, don’t worry – you are not alone! Most men balk at the thought of departing from their trusty, blue, black and grey colour palette.

But there is no need to play it safe for fear of faux-pas; adding a touch of colour to your new-season style can be seamless and painless! We’ve put together some handy pointers per colour, essential if you’re going to strike out, and try a new-for-you hue this springtime.



Pink is a fantastic shade to turn to if a colour change is on the cards. Its freshness brightens and its versatility pleases. It plays nice with blue, black and even green.

If you’re a pink first-timer, perhaps try a soft shade. Our new-for-spring, Mens Cashmere and Cotton V Neck Jumper in Caribbean Pink will couple well with earthy tones.

If you’re going to go for a pinch of pink, bear in mind your skin tone. Fair skinned gents ought to avoid dark shades of pink as these may make you appear a tad washed out. If you’re dark skinned, why not take the plunge and go bold? Our Mens Lambswool Polo Neck Jumper in Raspberry Pink makes for a strong, style statement!



If you’re not sold on pink, perhaps give green a go? Wonderfully versatile – it works well with a spectrum of colours – you can add this fresh hue to your wardrobe without fear of it jarring with your existing staples.

Investing in our Mens Cashmere and Merino Crew Neck Jumper in Bottle Green is a smart, new-season move. This soft and superb classic will look great with both blue-coloured denims and sand-coloured chinos.



Tricky to temper, but full of potential, yellow is a sunshine shade, perfect for fresh, on-point style. Like with pink, it is best to play it safe when it comes to yellow. Light tones will settle easily in your wardrobe; in-your-face brights, not so much.

Muted mustards will nod to your understated, refined style. Canary yellow will shout a bold statement.  Our Mens Lambswool Slipover in Sandstone makes for a  perfect, yellow-hued, smart-casual essential. Layered over a light-blue, denim shirt and teamed with navy chinos, it makes for a subtle colour splurge.



If yel-low is a no-no, how about red? Traditionally associated with energy, passion, and power, red is a great shout if you want to give your springtime wardrobe some oomph.

Deep tones of crimson and ruby will suit both dark and fair skinned gents, so why not give our Mens 100% Cotton Twist Crew Neck Jumper in Garnet a go?

Perfect for work-to-weekend wear, you can team this great basic with both jeans and chinos; effortless, classic style coming right up!




Pulling off purple this season is easier than you think. Once thought of as loud and garish, today’s contemporary shades of purple speak of sartorial savviness, just make sure you get the shade right!

Generally speaking, deep shades of purple are more complementary and versatile than lighter shades. Enter our Mens 100% Cotton Twist Crew Neck Jumper in Orchid. Paired with navy staples, this purple-coloured pullover is a subtle, yet effective way to brighten up your springtime style.

So, over to you… which fantastic shade will see you stylishly step into spring?




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