5 tips for packing away your winter woollens this Spring

21 Mar 2017

Spring is officially on its way, giving you the perfect excuse to revamp your wardrobe to suit the new season.

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Before you start window-shopping your way to springtime splendour, you’ll need to make some space in your wardrobe and that means packing away your bulky winter pieces.

Not normally one for storage? It’s worth your while! Not only does it give you a lot more cupboard real estate for all the new garments you’re going to treat yourself to, it’s also essential for keeping your existing pieces in pristine condition. After all—you’ve chosen to invest in classic, timeless pieces made from natural fabrics, so a little care goes a long way.

Leaving your woollens at the back of the cupboard for the next two seasons can put them at risk of getting mouldy, makes them bait for hungry moths and also leaves them coated in an unattractive layer of dust.

We’re divulging our top five tips for woollen storage so you can start packing your pieces away safely.


1. Keep your packaging

Did you know that the bags we package our knitwear in are moth-proof? Treat yourself to some handpicked new season pieces and make sure you save all the bags when your delivery arrives.

When you’re ready to start packing your winter woollens away, you’ll have all the bags you need to keep your precious garments pest-free during their winter hibernation. Two birds, one stone!


2. Heavenly scented storage

Lightly sprinkle your woollens with lavender and cedarwood essential oils to keep those wool-munching moths at bay. You won’t just be stopping those pests from feasting on your fashions, you’ll be keeping them smelling divine during those long months of storage.


3. Keep it clean

Reduce the risk of dirt and dust build-up by cleaning your woollens before you pack them away. Yes—even your precious cashmere garments!

Grime is a magnet for moths and insects, so keep it as clean as possible. Most of our knitwear is machine washable, so keeping it clean won’t mean an expensive trip to the dry cleaners. It also means you get to enjoy fresh, ready-to-wear pieces when winter rears its ugly head again!


4. Schedule in a spot check

Changes in room temperature can sometimes cause moisture build-up inside plastic bags, so it’s a good idea to pencil a spot check or two into your diary during those hotter months.

Make the time to dip into your woollen storage stash and shake out your knitwear. Make sure everything looks sound and in good order, then fold it away again.


5. Fold, don’t hang

Although hanging might seem like the best method for woollen storage, they’ll keep their shape better if you fold them (it also leaves more precious wardrobe space for new clothes). Worried about creasing? Use some tissue paper while you pack and minimise the risk. And there you have it! Your favourite woollens get to take a summer holiday and rest in the tranquillity of a moth-proof bag, cleaned, folded and ready to help you take on winter 2017 in style and comfort.



Vicki Evans

I fold my winter knitwear and pack away in two suitcases. I do not need to check on them throughout, because I know they will be fine next winter and have favourite sweaters some years old! Thankyou for the article though.

04 May 2017 09:24
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