Our newest yarn: Alpaca

16 Oct 2017


We know that whilst you love enduring classics, you love newness also, which is why we like to keep things fresh and moving along! So, each new season we are delighted to introduce new styles and new yarns.

Our yarn newbie this autumn is Alpaca. A close relative of the Llama, Alpacas are bred mainly for their soft and luxurious fibres, which are warm, soft and lanolin-free, making them hypoallergenic.

Landscape of Peru

Alpacas in Peru

Photos by Carlos Olaizola and Paul Summers Jáuregui on Unsplash


Known to be difficult to work with (due to their delicate, fine nature), Alpaca fibres require skilled craftspeople when it comes to processing. They can’t be bleached very easily, so dying Alpaca and Alpaca-blend fabrics is a labour of love!

A lustrous-looking and feeling fibre, which is rare and delicate, Alpaca is a luxurious yarn. Boasting wonderful, silk-like, tactile qualities, Alpaca is often added to other yarns to produce a soft and sensual end-fabric. This season, we’ve added Alpaca to our Pure Wool to produce a blended yarn which is warm and reliable, yet luxurious and tactile.

We’re delighted to have Alpaca in our all-natural yarn family, and we think it’s going to delight you too!

Fancy discovering lovely Alpaca for yourself? Well, let us introduce you to our new, Alpaca-blend styles


Our Womens Alpaca Mix Boatneck Jumper makes for a quality addition to your cold-weather workwear. A contemporary, A-Line-shaped knit, boasting our new, Pure Wool & Alpaca yarn, this great-looking, great-feeling knit is a stylish, smart investment for your wardrobe.

WoolOvers Womens Alpaca Mix Boatneck Jumper


And if you like to stay warm and cosy when you’re out and about on the weekend, our Alpaca-blend scarf, gloves and hat set is a great shout! Oh-so-soft, oh-so-warm and available in three fantastic, autumnal colours, you definitely need this superb, chilly-day set in your life!

WoolOvers Wool & Alpaca Blend Scarf, Hat and Gloves


So, if you’re looking to update your knitwear collection in time for the cold setting in, make sure you take a look at our new Alpaca-blend styles, and get your favourites whilst stocks last!

Angharad Dafis

Why combine winter knitwear with summer fabric and winter colour with summer? Using lightweight fabric in this particular context makes no sense to me

17 Oct 2017 07:34

Great news about alpaca. It's my favourite yarn to knit with. I'd really love a delicate cable cardigan in alpaca. Already have one in merino from you.

17 Oct 2017 08:20
Mrs. Dowson-Collins

How is this yarn procured, is any cruelty involved as it often is with other wools?

17 Oct 2017 08:27
Georgette Ratman

I went on a pilgrimage to MachuPicchu many years ago . We saw the Indian children herding both llamas and alpacas up in the Andes. The women sat by the wayside knitting lovely garments for sale. I still wear beautiful jackets, gloves and scarves with Fair Isle patterns of alpacas n trees bought n the local markets very cheaply if you paid in dollars. They are all in natural colours of grey and brown.

17 Oct 2017 11:15
Christine Benson

Looks lovely-hope they are big enough!! Look forward to them arriving.

18 Oct 2017 16:29

Dear Mrs. Dowson-Collins, In regards to your concerns about the welfare of animals used to source our wool, we would never source yarn from any supplier that does not practice ethical sourcing. We seek assurances from our suppliers that they do not obtain any of our yarn from any farms that practise poor animal welfare which we discuss as part of our regular factory visits. Kind regards, The WoolOvers team

20 Oct 2017 14:50

Hi I have bought many cardigans and jumper from you, one in transit but the only complaint I have are your rather odd colours! It's hard to say why they are odd maybe it's the reproduction online and in the catalogue? Some nice soft bright and earthy colours like for eg Rowan wools do would be great. I wanted a gingery brown for my latest jumper so hope deep mustard is that. Thanks for so much pleasure I love the choice and quality Linda Walker

31 Dec 2017 06:44
Mrs Beryl Rowe

Would love it if you offered 'petite ' sizes

12 Aug 2018 13:23
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