Bonfire Night Bites!

26 Oct 2017


Planning a little get-together round yours this Bonfire Night? If you’re putting on a little fireworks display, you’ll want to keep your guests happy with lovely, comfort food. After all, it’s bound to be a chilly night, and the right sustenance keeps the cold at bay!

Something warm and nourishing you can prepare before is best, as you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all night when all the good stuff is going on outside!

This fantastic, Baked Potato Soup can be prepared and cooked in the afternoon, then warmed up and served come the evening.

Baked potato soup


And if you fancy delighting with something a bit meatier, this Chickenpea and Chorizo Stew is a sure-fire winner!

And of course, you’ll need something sweet. These Halloween-inspired Pumpkin Brownies make for tasty, Bonfire-Night treat too. What’s more, they’re fully vegan and seriously healthy! What’s not to love?

Pumpkin - Halloween inspiration

 Pumpkin Brownies - Honestly HealthyPhoto Honestly Healthy


Drinks? Of course! Beer and wine are great, but it’s nice to put on something lovely and warming. It may be too early for Mulled Wine, but Mulled Cider is a great shout! And it can be prepared beforehand. Just make sure you make enough; it’ll definitely be popular!

Bonfire Night is a great evening to spend with family and friends, so wrap up warm, get the fireworks and the sparklers out, fill your tummy with lovely, nourishing food and enjoy!

Bonefire night - little girl


Let us know if you attempt any of our Bonfire Night recipe suggestions. We always love hearing from you!


Photos by Blair Fraser, Taylor Kiser, Yulia Chinato and Zara Walker on Unsplash.

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