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I think this liquid did leave my jumper softer and smoother. But was disappointed with the size of container need to look carefully at the sizing. I used1 teaspoon for my hand wash, not much lather but jumper came out clean and bright.
Thank you for your feedback on this. Wool Wash is a highly concentrated bottle of 250ml giving up to 50 washes. This therefore means it may not give too much lather but should definitely clean the garments very well. We are glad that your garments came out nicely.
Best on the market, easy to use


WoolOvers Wool Wash is specially formulated with tea tree oil & lemon myrtle to act as antibacterial cleansers. They also leave your clothes with a wonderful natural scent. Made in Australia, and approved by Merinomark, this excellent cleanser is free from artificial thickeners, colours or fragrances. Developed to brighten, rather than fade your clothes, it works hard to maintain and restore lustre. Wool Wash is concentrated, so you only need a little per wash (a single bottle can last up to 50 washes.) Use it to care for your natural knitwear and it will help it last for seasons to come. Always read the instructions thoroughly before washing. Always refer to your garment's care label. Please keep out of reach of children.


Detergent for all your delicate washing needs

Contains many natural oils to reduce allergies and kind to sensitive skin

Highly concentrated 250ml bottle gives up to 50 washes

Includes yarn conditioning agents to maintain soft garments

20ml size integrated dispenser

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