The Language of Flowers

13 Feb 2018


What is the common thread between the launch of our New Collection, Spring, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day? Colour and flowers! Emblematic of happiness, carriers of secret messages, you just need to know how to read them!

The term ‘floriography’ describes a non-verbal language that uses symbols to express feelings, wishes or desires through the medium of flowers. We need to go back to 1818 to find the first official mention of the term ‘the language of flowers’ in a popular work by French writer Charlotte de La Tour (who was actually a man writing behind a female nomme de plume). He demonstrated that the colours we choose in a bouquet can be just as important as the variety of flowers in the arrangement.

As a general rule : the paler the colour, the more subtle the sentiment. Bright colours communicate strong, passionate feelings. Be sure to check your colour chart before unwittingly declaring your love!

Bunch of flowers - Photo by Daniel Lee on Unsplash

Red – Passion

It’s no great surprise that red is THE colour of love and passion. That said, it can also express vitality, fire, power and ambition, anger and violence. It’s an intense colour that transmits a clear message.

I give it to… Somebody I feel passionate about (sí señor!).


Pink – Tenderness

In contrast to fiery red, pink is a soft colour, often associated with femininity, youth, recklessness and greed. Pink flowers show tenderness and affection for someone special.

I give it to… A friend, a lover or someone dear to me.

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Yellow – Happiness (almost)

We all know yellow is the colour of light, sunshine and harmony. Often associated with success, yellow flowers are linked to moments of happiness and joy. To give a bouquet of yellow flowers is to pass on optimism and energy. Careful though, yellow can also mean infidelity and treachery!

I give it to… A dear friend who makes me happy, who brightens up my life or someone I want to congratulate. The superstitious among us should avoid a possible faux pas by not sending them to a partner!


White – Admiration

White has always symbolised purety and innocence, but also refinement and elegance. It is the perfect expression of a pure and platonic love. It is also the perfect choice for expressing admiration and respect. For this reason it often features in an arrangement for a baptism, marriage or engagement.

I give it to… My mother for Mother’s Day (or to say ‘thank you’ to her any time in the year), to celebrate somebody’s engagement or anyone I admire.

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Violet – Gentleness

Violet has been associated with royalty, formal ceremony and is seen as a symbol of peace, generosity and dignity. It perfectly embodies gentleness and refinement. It can carry sincere sentiment but always with a certain restraint and discretion (so shhh… it’s a secret!)

I give it to… Somebody I love and think of often.


Orange – Joy

Less well-known and difficult to unpick, orange is a nevertheless a shade that oozes class. This bright shade can brighten up any day. It speaks to genuine, true friendships and is worthy of a place in our bouquets.

I give it to… A true friend to say thank you for the good times, my long term partner to celebrate our enduring love (perhaps for Valentine’s), new parents, someone who I want to give a boost to.

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Green – Hope

Ever present in Mother Nature, green is the colour of abundance, synonymous with optimism, renewal and happiness. Above all it brings hope, whether that is happy days or a future love. But pay attention – in show business green is thought of as a malevolent colour bringing bad luck!

I give it to… Somebody who I want to show my sincere and tender affection (just not an actor).

Blue – Serenity

It’s not the colour that naturally springs to mind when talking about flowers but blue is the epitomy of peace and serinity. Used in decoration it can reassure and transport you away from anxiety. Tread carefully because when it comes to talking about feelings, the darker the blue, the more painful the memories it will stir.

I give it to… A friend who I hope to travel with.

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Want to practice the language of flowers at home ?

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