Pretty bowl recipes

09 Jun 2016

If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest, or you’re just interested in food (who isn’t?!), you would have noticed the trend for perfectly organised bowls of simple healthy food. We love them.

It’s about simple, pared-down ingredients arranged neatly in a bowl. What’s not to like? They’re totally perfect for lounging in front of the TV or in the garden, just with a fork. They’re also a perfect visual remedy for any pedantic food-presentation tendencies you might have. So ripen your avocados and bring out the Sriracha sauce as here are some of our favourite recipes.

The Nourishing Bowl

This bowl can be made from leftovers, so if you have any grains, lentil, rice etc you can use this recipe as a way of creating another meal. Just add avocado, broccoli, beets or any root veg with that all important soft egg and nuts/seeds and you’re ready.


Images and full recipe: The Awesome Green

The Build Your Own Bowl

This is a fab tutorial that explains how to build bowls based on choosing a starch, a protein, your toppings and then finally a sauce. Her bowls look amazing and are a great solution to pleasing everyone at parties.


Images and full recipe: Hapa Nom Nom

The Warming Bliss Bowl

Definitely one for those colder days, this bowl has falafel which adds texture, roasted cauliflower, carrots and red cabbage. A healthy option, indeed.


Images and full recipe: Pinch of Yum

The Spring Gratitude Bowl

This is definitely one of our favourites! Asparagus, crunchy lettuce, mushroom and croutons all look delicious in this smashing vegetarian delight. Yummy!


Images and full recipe: Gratitude and Greens

Green Goddess Bowl

It’s safe to say that with this bowl, you certainly won’t be short on your 5 a day. A super easy and super healthy recipe for a quick lunch or lunch box for work.


Images and full recipe: Fork & Flower

The Brussel Sprouts and Chicken Bowl

And why not – who said Brussel sprouts are just for Christmas eh? Balsamic vinegar helps these sprouts pack a punch, and the chicken portion can be made up of those Sunday roast leftovers, or prepared in advance (if you’re really organised).


Images and full recipe: Cooking LSL

The Cuban Bowl

Here’s for something a little more exotic. Much more punch with this recipe of spicy chicken, black beans and a mango salsa for a fruity freshness. Best enjoyed after some salsa dancing.


Images and full recipe: Half Baked Harvest

The Acai Morning Bowl

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and what better way to do it than with this gloriously nutritious bowl. Featuring the wondrous ‘acai berry’ (basically a berry that forms the basis for a really thick smoothie), along with oatmeal, fruit or nut butter.

This recipe uses all the good stuff and she even tops with edible flowers!


Images and full recipe: Girl Meets Glam

The Peaches and Cream Bowl

Not just your average bowl of peaches and cream… this one features a few spices like ginger and cinnamon for that added warmth in the morning. We love the figs and the crumble reminds us of good ol’ apple crumble. But healthier… so easy on the custard!


Images and full recipe: Scaling Back

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