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28 Sep 2017


Autumn has arrived, and you know what that means… New styles, lots of cosy, all-natural new styles!

As with every new-season style drop, we struggle to whittle down all the new loveliness to only a few, key pieces (we love them all), but we’ve done it!

We’ve handpicked for you four, versatile, new styles; stylish knitwear we think will lift your wardrobe and help you enjoy autumn to the fullest.


WoolOvers look 1: the Moss Stitch Jumper

The Moss Stitch Jumper

This fantastic, Moss Stitch Jumper is made from our signature, Lambswool yarn. It’s soft and cosy, fresh and modern, simple and superb; it’s an excellent autumn knit, perfect for relaxed, weekend wear. And it’s available in six, lovely shades. We think the Frosted Green partners beautifully with the colours in our new, Pure Wool Check Scarf.


WoolOvers look 2: the Relaxed Rib Cardigan

The Relaxed Rib Cardigan

This comfortable, textured cardigan is perfect for warm and cosy weekends. Made from our snuggly wool blend, this great coverup feels as good as it looks! And it pretty much goes with everything. It’s a winner!



WoolOvers look 3: the Rib Detail Dress

The Rib Detail Dress

Thanks to its vertical, thin-to-thick ribbing, this simple, knitted dress is really flattering, and its Cashmere & Merino yarn makes it soft and super comfortable to wear. You can wear it lots of different ways too. Dressed up with heels for an evening out or an important work meeting, or casually with boots and tights on the weekends. If you buy one new dress this autumn, make it this great, versatile number!



WoolOvers look 4: the Essential Poncho

The Essential Poncho

Remember when we said we’d managed to pick out four, fantastic styles from our great, new-season selection? Well, that’s not strictly true! We have several, superb ponchos on offer this season, and we just couldn’t make up our mind on which is the best, so we’ve included them all in this roundup! Can’t make up your mind which to go for (we’re sorry), then perhaps this will help…



So, there you have it, the standout styles we think are essential this season. What do you think? Perhaps you should see all our new stuff before you make your mind up. And don’t forget, we have new knits and bits arriving each week, so make sure to look out for them as the new season continues.

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