How to Bust Out the Colour: Tips from 4 of our Favourite Bloggers

27 Apr 2018

The sun is finally here! Spring is a season of new beginnings, so what better time to renew your wardrobe with some dazzling new colours? This month, we’ve teamed up with 4 international influencers to share some great tips on styling those bright, cheerful hues. Let’s get started!


To start us off, Beth, a bubbly British fashion blogger and personal stylist really carries off our Cashmere & Merino Fitted Polo Neck Knitted Jumper in Rich Rose. She says: “Ladies can be really nervous of colour but it’s such a good way of lifting our spirits. I can guarantee that if you wear top or jumper in a gorgeous colour, people will comment and tell you how amazing it looks. People can’t help but be drawn to fabulous colours… In terms of how to wear colour, wearing a fairly neutral outfit of navy, grey or black and then adding in a bright pop of colour works so well. Reference that colour elsewhere in your outfit – for example in a piece of jewellery, or a lipstick, or a pair of shoes – and it becomes a stunning outfit. Or if you like more of an eclectic look, mix different colours together. Wearing tonal shades from the same palette is so elegant, whether they be taupes, greys or pinks. Or colour blocking with brighter, primary colours is another great look and fabulous for those with deeper colouring. My advice would be to try. Just try different colours on different pieces of clothing and see how they make you feel.”

Marine, a charming French blogger and photographer who shares her time between Dijon (France) and Texas (USA) is all about femininity and romanticism. She has a softer approach to colour and says: “How to pop for spring? I kind of have an idea. My one and only rule is: only one colourful item per outfit! You don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball. I personally prefer this colourful item to be a top, it could be a t-shirt, a shirt, blouse or sweater. I think colourful tops tend to highlight your face. Today I’m back with the cutest misty pink sweater and it’s my new favourite! It has everything I love: it’s light, warm, the pattern is original and the colour is to die for.”


We love Samantha’s style too: quirky, playful and very colourful! Hailing from Scotland, she’s a professional blogger, a mother, a Biomedical Scientist, and a lady with fabulous style! She loves wearing bright colour even in winter and between seasons where she suggests you “pick warm fabrics in light Spring colours”. She recently fell in love with the Lemon colour of our Cashmere & Merino Hanky Hem Jumper, that she describes this way: “this beautifully soft cashmere jumper makes for a lightweight looking outfit that is so cosy and warm to wear”.

As for Iléana, she opted for a light and refreshing Aquamarine shade. Her Cashmere & Cotton Crew Neck Jumper looks lovely paired with pink shoes and a round woven bag. Regarding the way she likes to wear colour, she says: “I love both bright and subdued colours, especially shades that remind me of Spring (my favourite season!). I wear them mostly on my upper body, as a nice colourful top brightens up your complexion and brings a sparkle to your face. In order to complement my classic looks, I use scattered splashes of colour and play with accessories, jewellery, and colourful shoes. I enjoy creating a whole outfit choosing from a spectrum of pastel shades that I offset with a bright jacket and/or eye-catching accessories.


We hope this helps you inject some fresh new colour into your wardrobe! Why not share your own ideas in the comments below?

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