Golf: it’s great!

03 Mar 2017

Now that the weather is beginning to feel a bit more favourable than it has been of late, perhaps you’re thinking about how you can get out and about a bit more and take more exercise.

Maybe you’re not a jogger or a gym bunny. Maybe tennis and squash are too hard-going on your joints, and perhaps your footballing days are now behind you. So, how about a round of golf?

Golf is a fantastic sport to get into if you’re looking to improve your health without busting a gut! It boasts many brilliant benefits, not only for your health but also for your general wellbeing.


Swing into good health

Golf offers surprisingly amazing health benefits, regardless of the age of the player. Health researchers at Edinburgh University suggest playing golf can actually increase your life expectancy!

A full, 18-hole round of golf can involve between five to six miles of walking, burning between 500 to 1500 calories, which is fantastic news for your waistline! And if the course you are playing upon is particularly undulating, you’ll have to work harder, meaning increased exertion and weight loss.

Golf is also a relatively low-impact sport, meaning it is gentle on the joints, good news if you are that little bit older. Also, if you are looking to improve your balance, golf is the one for you!

Maybe you’d love to tone up your body a bit, but hitting it hard in the gym is not your thing? Well, golf could be the answer. The golf swing provides your body with a full workout, exercising your arms, legs, back and abdomen.

Perhaps most interestingly, it has been suggested that golf can both prevent and treat more than 40 chronic illnesses, including diabetes, cancer, depression and dementia.


Drive your happiness

Golf is a fantastic, feel-good sport – it is good for your soul. Given it is played outside, it allows you to take in lots of fresh air, which is hugely advantageous when it comes to your serotonin and endorphin levels.

It is also a great way to relax, decrease stress and anxiety levels and improve your mood.

Newbies to the sport often report improvements to their self-esteem as their knowledge grows and their skills develop.

Slice off the years

Playing golf can keep you young and beautiful! Physical exertion, subsequent weight loss, relaxation, satisfaction and the social aspect of the sport all combine to create a more youthful, vibrant you!

It has also been suggested that the mental requirements of the sport can keep you sharp and alert, which is good news if you are attempting to defy aging!

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Join the club

Golf is a wonderful way to meet new people, make friends and enjoy the social side of life.

Gone are the days when snobby golf clubs were the exclusive preserve of the well-heeled elite. Today, many clubs are much more welcoming to new members.

Sure, there are somewhat strict-ish dress codes to adhere to, but getting that side of things right can be easy and affordable with our range of all-natural, golf-appropriate knitwear.

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So, whether you’re taking in a round of golf on the green or you getting a round in at the nineteenth hole, make sure you fully enjoy everything this fantastic sport has to offer.

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