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01 Feb 2017

A dozen red roses, champagne, posh chocs, expensive restaurant reservations, a weekend in Paris…Valentines can be a costly business!

Some people will treat their beloved to a pricey, pampering spa day, a mega-bucks, Michelin-star experience or a luxurious bottle of perfume, but the award for The World’s Most Extravagant Romantic Gesture goes to Shah Jahran, the Emperor of Mughal.

In 1632, Jahran commissioned the Taj Mahal to be built. An awe-inspiring, Indian mausoleum, built to entomb and honour the emperor’s dead wife, the Taj Mahal took 20,000 workers over 20 years to complete! Wow, that’s what you call a lavish gift!



Assuming you’re not ridiculously rich, Indian royalty, you’re Valentine’s budget probably doesn’t stretch to commissioning breathtakingly beautiful buildings in the name of your sweetheart. It may not even stretch to pricey perfume or frivolous flowers. Moreover, you may not be into grandiose gestures, which require bottomless pockets.

Sometimes the best “I love you” gifts cost very little (if anything at all), and they can mean the world to the recipient.

So, whether you’re watching the pennies or you’re looking for something romantically humble, we’ve got some great ideas when it comes to making your Valentine’s heart melt this year.

Get he-ARTY

If you’re lucky enough to be creatively or artistically talented there is no reason why you ought to fork out big when it comes to letting someone know what they mean to you. Something you’ve made yourself – a handmade, jewellery box or a painted picture – is worth a million diamond rings.

Shop-bought cards may be convenient, but they often lack a personal touch, all-important to this celebration. The solution, a unique and heartfelt, homemade card, complete with a special message, only you and your love can appreciate.


Image ©hellowonderful


Make it last

Why pay big for fancy flowers that won’t last when you can delight your other half with a long-lasting, budget-friendly houseplant? There are many stylish varieties easily available today, all which will last considerably longer than your average bouquet of blooms, and all which will remind your Valentine of your love for years to come.


Animal attraction

Why waste money on gifting stuffed, plush animals when you can adopt a living one instead?

If the object of your affection is an animal lover, this one is definitely for you/them. You may get extra brownie points if the animal you adopt is endangered. After all, what could be more romantic than saving someone’s life?!



Sweet nothings

Sometimes the smallest of gestures can mean a lot. If the romance in your relationship has given way to career or family commitments, maybe Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get back on track, and you don’t have to push the boat out.

Plan a romantic evening in; cook something special, dress up, open a nice bottle of red and just enjoy each other’s company.  No kids, no emails, no TV. Just you and them.



Cuddle up

This suggestion and the last go hand in hand, as your DIY date night needs some serious cuddling action if it’s to be a success! Why not try cosying up with your sweetheart in one of our luxurious, surprisingly affordable, cashmere & merino blend styles? Our Womens Cashmere and Merino Bolero Cardigan makes for a tactile, purse-friendly shortcut to warm, evening elegance.


If you’re planning on staying in, come Valentine’s Evening, it is worth remembering that a snuggly man is a good man! Our Mens Cashmere and Merino Cable Crew Neck Jumper boasts lots of lovely, touch-me appeal, and it makes for a great, budget-friendly gift.


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