5 All-Natural Desserts for your Summer Barbecue

14 Jul 2018


Britiain’s been so hot this summer it’s enough to make you homesick!

With our usual two weeks of sunshine being stretched out by providence (or maybe just climate change) everyone’s making the most of it with barbecue after barbecue. If you’re one of the many Britons hosting a garden shindig this weekend, why not surprise your guests with something delicious and refreshing for afters?

This week, we’ve scoured the web to find five delectable dessert recipes made with healthy, all-natural ingredients. Enjoy!


Fruity Greek Frozen Yoghurt

Photo © Just a taste


We’ll start with something quick and easy that everyone will love! This popular dessert has endless possibilities for tailoring it to your unique tastes. It can be made with any kind of frozen fruit, and garnished with nuts, chocolate, and other cheeky luxuries. Get the recipe from Just a Taste.


Piña Colada Green Smoothie


Cold smoothies on a hot day can be heavenly. However, if you’re watching what you eat, super-healthy ‘green’ mixtures can suck the fun out of them. This recipe from Clean Food Crush promises the feel-good factor of being kind to your body with banana, pineapple, spinach, and coconut milk, combined to create the delicious taste of one of your favourite cocktails!


Keto Summer Strawberry Pie


This one involves a little more hassle, but if you can put the work in it’s sure to go down a storm at any barbecue with kids and adults alike! A creation from US blogger Itsautumslife, its sweet strawberry filling is encased in a golden low-carb pastry, making for a light and aesthetic dessert perfect for get-togethers.




Though you may have never heard of it, granita is a traditional Sicilian dessert that was enjoyed on the island as early as 900 AD! Easy to make and incredibly refreshing, granita is a great choice if you’ve already got a lot on your to-do list. This recipe from Paleo Grubs is for orange granita, but it can be made with a wide variety of succulent fruit juices.


Pimm’s Jelly


Is there anything more fun, summery, and quintessentially British than Pimm’s? The expertly-presented result on Great British Chefs may look a little daunting, but it’s surprisingly easy to whip up this tasty, grown-up’s only dessert. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time for it to set!


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