Women's Zip Through Knitted Cardigans

We've got you covered with natural ladies cardigans for every occasion. Find your new favourite cardigan in this popular collection!

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There’s comfy, stay-at-home knitwear and there’s ultra-snug women’s zip neck knitwear. Taking comfort to a whole new contemporary level, these pieces are ideal for wearing around the house and garden during those nippy months. Make sure you have one handy on your next trip—they’re the perfect companion for long-haul flights and journeys, too! If you thought that zip neck knitwear couldn’t be sophisticated or stylish, you’ve obviously never tried one of ours! We use cashmere, lambswool, cotton or linen in our women’s zip neck tops, so you get that added edge of quality and class that the average zip top just doesn’t have. We offer a range of colours, like cerise, dusty pink and grey marl, as well as old favourites like black, navy and white. After all—everyone has different styles and tastes, so you should have all the options you need to express yours! Many of our women’s zip neck tops are made with all-natural fibres, so they’re lovely and soft against your skin, unlike many cheaper, synthetic garments. We offer fantastic quality too, so you can rest assured that your top will stand the test of time!