Women's Edge-to-Edge Knitted Cardigans

We've got you covered with natural ladies cardigans for every occasion. Find your new favourite cardigan in this popular collection!

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Edge Cardigans for any Woman’s Wardrobe
Our customers are falling in love with the great layering possibilities of a high-quality edge to edge cardigan! These popular edge-to-edge buttonless cardigans are longer than our typical women's cardigans, which lends them a more relaxed, fluid, and casual look. Whether you want a lightweight piece for when the season’s changing or a thick, cosy rib cardigan to see you through the winter, this collection will have an edge to edge cardigan that’s perfect for your unique needs. Peerless Natural Quality
Our women’s edge to edge cardigans, like everything we sell at WoolOvers, promise fantastic quality standards derived from our commitment to using only natural yarns. Timeless pure wool, versatile cashmere and merino, lightweight linen and more make up this collection of practical and lovable garments, making it easy to find an elegant garment that meshes neatly with your unique tastes. Whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, breathable or cosy, this eclectic collection will always have you covered.