Where's Winnie? Knit a cute corgi!

To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in the most WoolOvers of ways, we are supporting the WI. They are launching a special project to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! From now until the June bank holiday weekend, they are encouraging keen knitters to have a go at making WInnie the corgi and hiding her in their local community for others to find, keep or donate.
Join us and them in creating Winnie in your favourite yarn.

To create Winnie, you will need:

10g colour one DK weight yarn
20g colour two DK weight yarn
Scraps of black yarn for details
Fabric/yarn scraps for stuffing (or recycled toy stuffing)
4mm knitting needles

Want to try different sizes? For a small corgi try DK and 3.5mm needles and for a larger corgi try Aran with 4.5mm needles.


Reduce: Swap yarn oddments with other people rather than buying extra. 100g of yarn can make up to 4 corgis!

Recycle: odd ends of yarn can be used to fill small spaces like the legs and nose.

Reduce: if you only have finer yarn, hold two strands together to make a DK or aran weight.

Reuse: gift wrapping ribbons make great collars if you don't want to knit one.


K = Knit the required number, ie. K13 = knit 13 stitches

P = Purl the required number, ie. P8 = purl 8 stitches

K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together to decrease

K3tog = Knit 3 stitches together to decrease

P2tog = Purl 2 stitches together to decrease

INC = Increase. Knit into the front and then back loop of the stitch to create an extra stitch.

W&T = wrap and turn.
Work the required stitches, bring the working yarn to the front if Knitting and to the back if Purling. Slip the next stitch onto the right needle. Return the yarn to its original side and slip the stitch back to the left needle. The top stitch on the left needle will now have a loop around it.

YO = yarn over

Winnie the corgi is made by first knitting the back legs, which are worked into the body. The head is knitted separately and stitched in place, along with the front legs. Ears, collar and patch of fluff are added last, along with face details. Leave 30cm tails on all pieces to allow easy stitching up.

All four legs follow the same starting rows, starting at the paw.
Cast on 8 stitches in colour 1
1. Knit row
2. Increase into every stitch. (16 stitches)
3. Purl row

For front legs
4. K2, K3tog four times, k2 (8 stitches)
5. Purl row
6. Knit row
7. *P1, INC* repeat to end of row (12 stitches)
8. Bind off knitwise. Stitch up, leaving top open. Stuff lightly.


The shaping of the body involves using short rows. We have used the "wrap and turn" style, but you may want to use your preferred method.

Set up: Cast on 1 stitch in colour. Place the right leg stitches onto your left needle and knit across (making sure the knit side is facing you). Cast on 3 stitches. Place the left leg onto your left needle and knit across. Cast on 1 stitch. (31 stitches)

1. Purl row
2. Knit row
3. P18, w&t
4. K5, w&t
5. P7 w&t
6. K9, w&t
7. P11 w&t
8. K13, w&t
9. P15, w&t
10. K17, w&t
11. P19, w&t
12. K21, w&t
13. P23, w&t
14. K25 w&t
15. P27 w&t
16. Knit back across row
17. Purl row
18. K24, w&t
19. P17, w&t
20. K19, w&t
21. P21, w&t
22. K23, w&t
23. P25, w&t
24. Knit back across row 25. - 33. Starting with a purl row, work 9 rows in stocking stitch.
34. K2tog until last stitch, k1 (16)
35. Purl row
36. K2tog eight times (8)
Bind off
Stitch up the body and legs, stuffing as you go.


Cast on 1 stitch in colour 2
1. INC (2 stitches)
2. Purl row
3. INC, INC (4 stitches)
4. Purl
5. INC, k2, INC (6 stitches)
6. Purl row
7. Knit row
8. P2, P2tog, P2 (5 stitches)
Bind off
Cast on tail can be stitched into the main fabric on the ear and snipped back.


Use a ribbon or chunky yarn or:
Cast on 22 stitches
1. Purl row
2. *K2tog, YO* to last two stitches, K2
3. Purl
Bind off
Fold in half, so the cast on row meets the bind off row: this will create a rippled edge along the YO row. Stitch together.


Cast on 8 in colour 1
1. Knit row
2. Purl row
3. K1, INC, K4, INC, K1 (10 stitches)
4. Purl row
5. K2, INC, K4, INC, K2 (12 stitches)
6. Purl row
7. K3, INC, K4, INC, K3 (14 stitches)
8. Purl row
9. K4, INC, K4, INC, k4 (16 stitches)
10. Purl row, holding colour 1 and 2 together. Next row in colour 2 only.
11. K3, INC, K2, INC, K2, INC, K2, INC, K3 (20 stitches)
12. Purl row
13. K13, w&t
14. P5, w&t
15. K7, w&t
16. P9, w&t
17. K11, w&t
18. P13, w&t
19. K15, w&t
20. P17, w&t
21. Knit back across row
22. Purl row
23. Knit row
24. Purl row
Bind off
Stitch up and stuff the head

Neck and chest fluff

Cast on 4 in colour 1
1. Knit row
2. INC, K2, INC (6 stitches)
3. Knit row
4. INC, K4, INC (8 stitches)
5. - 20. Knit 16 ROWS
21. K2tog, K6 (7 stitches)
22. K2tog, K5 (6 stitches)
23. - 32. Knit 10 ROWS
33. INC, K5 (7 stitches)
34. INC, K6 (8 stitches)
35. INC, K7 (9 stitches)
36. INC, K8 (10 stitches)
37. - 46. Knit 10 ROWS
47. K2tog, K6, K2tog (8 stitches)
48. K2tog, K4, k2tog (6 stitches)
49. K2tog, k2, k2tog (4 stitches)
50. K2tog, K2tog (2 stitches)
51. K2tog (1 stitch)
Cut yarn and pull through
final stitch to bind off.


Cast on 12 stitches in colour 2
1. Knit one row
Cast off

Making Up

Front legs: Stitch the legs a few stitches apart just before the body turns into the chest.

Head: Stitch up head and stuff. Stitch onto the top side of the body.

Ears: Position the ears at slight angles on the top of the head. Play with their position to give your dog character.

Tail: stitch in half and catch one end to the corner of the backside.

Neck and chest fluff: The cast on edge sits under the dog's chin, with the thinner part fitting through the front legs. Try using long and short stitches to blend the fluff into the body.

Collar: This can be tied round or stitched to the neck.

Extra details: Add a nose and eyes using long stitches. Extra surface stitching can be used to add patterns to the main body. Make small double knots and trim to 5mm for extra fluff!

Ta-da! Now all that's left to do is to name your new companion.