The Simple Joys of a Weekend Walk [Guest Post]

25 Oct 2018


As the sun sets on summer and we breathe in the cooler autumn air, it can be all too appealing to hibernate away ready for winter. Never underestimate the power of a walk in the fresh air with family and friends. It’s so important for us to slow down and spend quality time with loved ones. I’ve gathered a few reasons why we should all make time for a weekend walk.

Weekend walk, photo Unsplash


Relaxing is good for us

Life can pass us by. Mondays come round far too quick and within the blink of an eye it’s Friday again. A walk in the park, the woods or a forest near you slows you down and encourages you to relax and appreciate nature in all its glory.

Stress is a real concern in our fast-paced modern world. Relaxing has been proven to have some great health benefits. You’ll improve your immune system, reduce your stress hormones and stimulate endorphins; the happy hormone!

So go on, seek out woodland walks, find beautiful views then grab a book and settle down to sometime in front of the log burner in the evening.

Forest, photo Unsplash


Make time for each other

A walk doesn’t cost a thing, there’s not many things in life that are free. It’s perfect for reconnecting with the real world, ditching the devices, and spending quality time together.

With technology always around us, there’s a fear of missing out and a constant need to check what others are up to on Facebook and Instagram, the list could go on. It has such an impact that we forget to live our own lives to their fullest. We dare you to take a walk all together without a phone. That way, you’ll be in the moment, simply enjoying what you’re doing there and then!

Away from it all, you’ll find you are free to chat about anything and everything, laugh about old memories and relish the shared experience.

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Spend the day outside and come back to your warm cosy sofa

There’s something refreshing about spending the day out in the great outdoors. Fresh air and greenery are good for us. Fingers crossed the sun’s rays might even be peer through the clouds and you’ll soak up a bit of the wonder drug that is Vitamin D.

After your walk just knowing you’re coming back to your cosy home, hopefully with a roaring fire lit, is satisfying. You can talk well into the evening, fuelled by the day’s adventures. You can simply rest after the days exertion and feel content savouring the moment.

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Conclusion: there’s nothing like a good walk to refresh your mind, body and soul

The feeling of the wind in your hair, fresh air filling your lungs and the sight of beautiful scenery is perfect for resetting you ready for the week ahead. Just remember to wrap up warm. We all want to work wonders on our well-being, but sometimes keeping it simple with a walk and cosy night in is just what you need.





The author

Name: Charlotte T.

Bio: Farmers wife living in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. I enjoy walking my dog, keeping fit and healthy and yummy meals out.

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