Cashmere: why is it so special?

11 Oct 2016

Cashmere has long been synonymous with luxury and indulgence. But why? What is it about this all-natural fibre, which carves it out as extra-special and above the rest? Why is cashmere so revered?


Womens Pure Cashmere Poncho

It’s a rarity

Simply put, it is in scarce supply. Cashmere comes from goats, Kashmir goats that roam the hinterlands of Asia, to be exact. These cashmere-producing goats are different from other wool-producing animals, as they produce only a little over 100 grams of cashmere fibre each year.

Whilst there is two million metric tons of wool produced each year, there is only 6500 metric tons of cashmere produced. In order to craft a 2-ply cashmere sweater, in a simple design, the yearly cashmere output of two Kashmir goats is required.

It’s hard work

The Kashmir goat molts its hairs between March and May, each year. Along with the fine, cashmere fibres shed from the goat’s underbelly, come short, coarse fibres from the goat’s protective top layer. Separating these fibres is often a long, laborious job, and one that is done by hand.


Mens Pure Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

It is ancient

Cashmere production and trade can be traced back to the 13th century Mongolian Empire. Iranian and Indian emperors were thought to use cashmere shawls in religious and political rituals. The Scottish textile manufacturer, Joseph Dawson, discovered cashmere in the late 18th century in India. Enamored by its softness and warmth, he imported the fibre to his factory in Scotland and began making quality, cashmere garments, revered by the British upper classes.

It is superb

Cashmere fibres are long, fine and soft. They impart a luxurious lustre to clothing crafted from them. Cashmere styles tend to be light as air, yet up to eight times warmer than wool pieces. Its softness is unrivalled, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin conditions.

 It is the perfect canvas for colour

Cashmere is hydrophilic, meaning it is incredibly absorbent. It can soak up colour better than any other natural fibre, or man-made synthetic alike. Upon it, colours become bolder, brighter and bigger. If eye-popping colour is your thing, cashmere is the one!

Our cashmere

Yes, cashmere knitwear is more expensive than other natural yarns, but it earns its price tag. It’s a wonderful fabric, with the power to make each and every day as special as can be.


Womens Pure Cashmere V Neck Jumper

This season, our tried and trusted, simple classics come your way in our feather-light, yet warm and cosy, 100% cashmere. Our superb, 2-ply cashmere is soft to the touch and boasts cloud-like comfort. What’s more, you can machine wash our cashmere styles, meaning once you’ve invested in the best, you can look after your pieces easily without shelling out for expensive dry cleaning.

When only the best will do, it’s gotta be cashmere.

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Charmian King

Understanding that there are various grades of cashmere, the best coming from the under belly of the goat, which grade do you use? Interesting to know as your prices are very competitive, but when is it worth paying a higher premium. Do you use a mixture to keep prices down? If I could afford it, I would wear only cashmere as I find it is so much warmer. I have worn cashmere jumpers all this year as I don't find the merino cashmere mix as warm and layering is not as bulky.

12 Oct 2016 15:39
Pat Lister

I absolutely adore the feel of cashmere. Can't wait to see some of your new designs of cashmere poncho, shrugs and cardigans in those bright, bold and eye popping colours that cashmere yarn is so suited for

12 Oct 2016 16:16

Hello, I love cashmere and I'm really happy to see you are now doing pure cashmere, but I'm a bit disappointed in some of the colours. I love the petrol blue colour, but you don't do the cardigan in that colour. The dark pink is also lovely but I already have something similar. Look forward to seeing a wider colour range in this model!

24 Oct 2016 09:07
Maureen ries

I and my husband love cashmere especially the cardigans but I notice in your colour selection you don't do the very popular camel colour is there any reason for this? It's a colour that goes with everything, we always buy our cashmere in France where it's very popular so if you could add more colours we would be thrilled.

31 Oct 2016 09:23

Hi Clare, we're glad that you like our new Pure Cashmere range. Your suggestions have been passed on to our design team, so hopefully you will see some more colours in the future! Thanks, The WoolOvers Team.

31 Oct 2016 11:36

Hi Maureen, we do have a number of Pure Cashmere garments available in Camel. We have vee necks and crew necks for both men and women, and our men's polo neck is also available. We hope this helps! The WoolOvers Team.

31 Oct 2016 11:41
peter austin

Have bought several of your excellent cowl neck jumpers over a period all good! ! Two points why no xxl size and why no chocolate brown colour a big omission for us blondes!! Meanwhile don't think guys can't wear cowl neck jumpers I wear mine everywhere and will still be adding to my collection! ! Best wishes!

13 Nov 2016 12:28

Hello Peter, thanks for your feedback and we're glad to hear you're a fan of our cowl necks! We do not make this garment in an xxl due to very limited demand for this size. However, your feedback about both the sizing and the colours will be passed on to our deign department for consideration. Thanks, The WoolOvers Team.

14 Nov 2016 11:14
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